Hey, I’m Ray Tamblyn

I’m a New York based entrepreneur, product manager and business leader. I build thoughtful, beautiful products that focus on three core facets: customers, commerce and content.

I am currently Senior Vice President of Product at Citi FinTech where I lead all payment and money movement products. I recently ran product and operations at Pave, founded PayDivvy (acquired) and led VISA’s first direct to consumer product in Europe, VISA Checkout. In my spare time I help others solve interesting problems through my consulting business,  Crisp Labs, and Barclays and Techstars Accelerator.

I also love design and fitness—here are a few examples of my work intersecting the two: HERO (on-demand personal training) and Fitocracy (acquisition and redesign).

Before falling into product, I started my career in corporate strategy (e.g., BBC, The Guardian, 3 Italia, VISA Europe), giving me a unique mix of big picture strategy with the ability to drive ideas and teams from concept to launch to growth.

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